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We are conveniently located in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. At Riverdale Urgent Care, we have less waiting time compared to an Emergency Room with lower co-pay and treatment costs. We offer convenient, no hassle walk-in medical care, with no appointments needed. Our medical clinic is open evenings, weekends, and holidays, when most doctors' offices are closed. Urgent Care is also preferred by most insurance companies over Emergency Room, whenever possible. Also, Urgent Care is a less intimidating and friendlier environment than an emergency room. Call Us Today.

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The field of medicine is about taking care of others, providing relief, comforting, healing and maintaining wellness. At Riverdale Urgent Care, each staff member brings in-depth understanding of these objectives to his or her job, as well as extensive experience and skills, dedication and a personal commitment to professionalism and higher standards.

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